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About Us

Our company was founded in 2013 specializing in solar PV systems manufacture, design and installation with the expertise in this field for the past 19 years. We designed and installed some of India’s first grid-tie solar PV systems and have been witness to the growth of the solar industry from its humble beginning to its prominence as one of our country’s fastest growing economic sectors.

At VRV Energies we are dedicated to advancing the PV industry through better understanding of design principles, greater focus on safety issues, commitment to the well-being of our employees, and the development of best-practices for manufacturing, Highest Quality Products and materials. Being a part of our Expansion Program, we have joint ventured with Our Group Company Sri Savitr Solar Private Limited and increased our production capacity together now at 300MW Annually. Enhancing Our goal to promote the success of our company while encouraging the success of the industry at large.

While the majority of our services are provided to consumer and business end users, we also cater to the industry through business-to-business relationships. At VRV Energies, we strive to help our customers make a positive impact on our world through the mitigation of human-induced climate change and pollution. We believe that the generation of clean energy is a vital strategy in the effort to reverse human induced global warming. Whether your motives are personal ethical resolve, PR value, or economic gain, we aim to support your clean energy production goals.

For applications where utility lines are not available, not desired, or just too expensive to bring in, VRV Energies can design, sell, and install a system to suit your needs.

Sustenability 75%
Development 80%
Marketing solutions 70%
Succes rate 95%