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Solar PV ON-Grid Systems

A grid connected system is connected to a large independent grid (typically the public electricity grid) and feeds power in to the grid. This is a form of decentralized electricity generation. In the case of residential or building mounted grid connected PV systems, the electricity demand of the building is met by the PV system. Only the excess is fed in to the grid when there is an excess. The feeding of electricity in to the grid requires the transformation of DC into AC by a special,grid-controlled inverter.

A Grid Tie inverter or a (GTI) is a special type of Inverter (electrical) that is used in a renewable energy power system to convert direct current into alternating current and feed it into the utility grid.The technical name for a grid-tie inverter is”grid-interactive inverter”. They may also be called synchronous inverters. Grid-interactive inverters typically cannot be used in standalone applications where utility power is not available.

The Grid Tie Solar Inverter is designed to convert solar electric (photovoltaic or PV) power into utility-grade electricity that can be used by the home or sold to the local power company. In order to operate, the inverter must have grid power available and connected. It will not provide back up power if the AC grid fails. The inverter will automatically synchronize itself to grid.The inverter is provided with the isolation transformer internally with basic insulation.

Commercial Grid Tie Systems

Domestic Grid Tie Systems