• Solar PV ON-Grid systems
    Solar PV ON-Grid systems.
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    Our ON-Grid Industrial Projects
  • Solar ON-Grid Industrial Projects
    Our ON-Grid Industrial Projects
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    Green Energy Generation
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Welcome to VRV Energies India Pvt Ltd.

We are a leading on/off grid solar manufacturers in Coimbatore.

  • Environment Friendly.
  • Cost effective.


VRV ENERGIES is a Solar Module & Solar Systems Manufactures, Integrator dedicated to facilitating the implementation of solar technologies for commercial, industrial, agricultural, governmental and residential entities seeking the benefits of renewable energy production. With in-house resources and an extensive network of industry partners, we offer a wide array of services from small scale residential and niche application projects to large scale commercial projects.

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Environment friendly

It generates clean energy without contaminating the environment


Future Safe Technology

Considering the availability of fossil fuel its is the future safe Technology